McCarthy & Taggart sp. z o.o. sp. k.

O McCarthy & Taggart Group

McCarthy & Taggart Group is an independent consulting company providing outsourcing services in finance, administration and management throughout Poland. We provide ongoing support in accounting, legal and administration to help you grow your business.

Our experts are people with years of experience in the fields of finance, law and management, in addition to working with Global Reach on various projects. McCarthy & Taggart Group is committed to offering its clients professionalism and effectiveness, moreover whilst maintaining the highest standards of service.

We specialize in the effective operation of business entities, tailored to the clients position on the market. We provide professional advice to customers with global ambitions, providing services such as professional accountancy solutions and legal services, for foreign entities wishing to set up a branch in Poland.

The legal services we offer:

  • Company formation services;
  • Sale of ready-made (Shelf) companies;
  • Accounting services;
  • Human resources and payroll outsourcing;
  • Company transformation advice;
  • Assistance in obtaining licenses, concessions & permits;
  • Virtual Office.

McCarthy & Taggart Group – helping to effect entry into new avenues for business.